Naming His Gifts: #85-#96

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We have so much to be thankful for!  Here is a glimpse of some “gifts” from the past week…

Naming His Gifts ~ #85-96

little fingers doing lacing cards

playing Rook as a family

my little one’s kisses during church

little boys who love to color

bare toes

cool, rainy weather – good for snuggling under covers

voices raised in praise to our Lord

my husband’s laugh

photo art my daughter shares

a phonics program that is working!

my soon-to-be kindergartner who is excited to do another page in her workbook

beautiful flowers


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Photos:  beauty, creativity, and bare toes


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  1. I’m here from Ann’s – and it’s Thursday – but you know how many there were to get through – and I love reading them. It just took me this long to get to yours. And your pictures btw – were awesome. When I read through the lists I like to think about it a little and pick a favorite – my favorite from yours was: a phonics program that is working! (because phonics always does – we need more people to know that) {smile} I’m really glad I read you today. God Bless and keep you and all of yours
  2. The pink flower picture is wonderful! I see your daughter has a different flower photo for sale-- I'd really like to buy some of her photos, like this pink flower one, especially if she can have them available without the typed words, too.
    1. Hi Jeana...I really am liking Funnix. It is so reasonable to buy too, if you didn't get it downloaded for free. Have a great day!

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