Free Spelling Program for Grades 1-8!

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Free Spelling Program for Grades 1-8!


If you are needing something to use to help your children with their spelling, this just might work for you! GradeSpelling.com has online lessons, tests, and printable spelling word lists for Grade 1 through 8, PLUS a section with SAT words…and it is all FREE!

Each grade has 40 word lists that your child can work through. Each list has a variety of online games to play to help them learn how to spell the words. Then when they are ready, they take an online test.

If you are just wanting spelling lists for each grade, you can easily print out the lists and use whatever method you want to help your child learn how to spell the words.

There is a note on the site that indicates that within the next few weeks they will also have a Vocabulary by Grade section that will have new interactive vocabulary lessons, tests and worksheets. They will have word lists for 1st-8th grade and SAT Word lists. Each word list will have 40 lessons.

If this sounds like something that might be a help to you, then be sure to check GradeSpelling.com out today!

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