Brand New! My Bible Copy Books {older and younger versions} in Print!

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I am venturing out into the world of offering print books (at Amazon) and am so excited to now offer a print version of my very popular My Bible Copy Books! These print versions are filled with 150 pages for copying the Bible and 150 adjacent pages for your notes. Unlike the free downloadable ebook series, these softcover books allow you to fill in the book and chapter you are copying. Once you fill up the book, simply label the front and purchase another one to continue! These copy books will be treasures to keep for years to come.

I do not have the “Look Inside” feature added on Amazon yet, so I have included sample files below so you can see how the books are set up.

Click here for a sample of the older version.

Click here for a sample of the younger version.

Sound like fun? CLICK HERE or on the covers above to buy your copy today!


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