The Easiest Way to Scrub Your Tub or Shower!

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I saw this idea the other day and decided to give it a try. Scrubbing our shower has always been a hard task. It is next to impossible to get it totally clean without getting in the shower to scrub all the walls, corners, etc. But then I step in the shower and get my socks wet with cleaner that is on the floor. Lovely!


Well, not any more! Someone had the brilliant idea of using a dishwand to scrub your tub and shower! Here is how to do it…

Simply fill the dishwand with a mixture of Dawn dishsoap and white vinegar and you are ready to go.

I filled mine about 1/3 full with the Dawn and the rest with vinegar and then shook it up to mix. The past couple days I have used it while I was taking a shower to clean. It was SO easy! I decided to just take a section of the shower each day and scrub it really good. It only took a few minutes and in a few days I am going to have that shower sparkling clean again! Yeah!

One of the reasons this caught my eye is that I use a mixture of Dawn and vinegar in a spray bottle as my bathroom cleaner. It works great to cut through hard water deposits (which we have a lot of). So I was really excited to try cleaning the shower this way and I am very pleased.

I should note that I picked up a cheap dishwand at our local Dollar General for $2 to try it out. I may invest in a more sturdy one or I may not. This one seems to work just fine. It does have the sponge with the green scrubber layer on the bottom, though, which I thought would work great for scrubbing the shower.

If you have struggled with getting your shower clean, give this solution a try! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Happy cleaning!


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  1. Great idea! I use the magic erasers, which works best right after someone has taken a bath and the hot water makes the soap scum comes off a lot easier!

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