Declutter Challenge Update: The Refrigerator!

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Declutter in 2015

Have I said how much I have been enjoying these decluttering challenges each week? Even though I have not been able to accomplish everything on the list, I am still encouraged by the progress I have made!

This week was supposed to be tackling the refrigerator and freezer — inside and out. I was able to get our refrigerator cleaned out — food sorted out and organized and everything inside washed — but did not get to the outside OR our big upright freezer. I plan on getting that accomplished this week, as well the new decluttering challenges which include sorting through my cookbooks and getting my recipes organized. This is going to be a perfect time to get my Trim Healthy Mama notebook organized and all those yummy recipes placed in sheet protectors!

Now for pictures of my refrigerator…scary…


This is what it cooked like before the cleaning.


Here is what it looks like now…SO much better! (And yes we do have a drawer in the freezer full of rice bags. With 5 children in the family it seems we are always needing a cold pack for something!)

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