Declutter Challenge Update: Food storage areas & spices shelf!

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Declutter in 2015

Time for a little update on my decluttering challenge for the year! This month I have been in the kitchen and it is exciting to see the progress being made there! Yeah!

This past week was more busy that usual and I ended up spending a couple afternoons with my father-in-law, which is the time I usually work on my decluttering projects. I was able to get a few things done though and am content with that.

The focus for last week was the food storage areas: the pantry and food shelves in the kitchen. Here is a picture of my spice cupboard.



This is what it looked like before.


And now it looks a little neater and more organized. I love my spice cupboard. It smells so good! My oldest daughter loves to just open the cupboard and inhale deeply of the yummy smells.

I didn’t get pictures taken, but I did totally clean out my big food cupboards in the kitchen. I have two huge turntable cupboards in the corner by the stove — one in the upper cupboards and one in the lower cupboards. I store a lot of food items in those cupboards. I pulled everything out, cleaned the shelves, sorted out and tossed some things, and got everything back in and more organized.

There are still a few shelves in the kitchen that I want to declutter before my month in the kitchen is over, but overall I was happy with the progress I made.

This week the focus is on the refrigerator and freezer. So today I am totally cleaning out the inside of the refrigerator — sorting the food and cleaning inside.

How are your decluttering projects going?

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