3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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Books Read This Week

One of the things I have been trying to do is making sure I do an activity each day that refreshes me and builds me up. One of those activities is reading! So I have made an intentional effort to carve out some time each day to spend reading. Here are the books I finished this week and a few I am reading now.

3 Books I Finished This Week

Seeing Jesus

Seeing Jesus – This book was a little different from those I have read before, but I enjoyed it. Although there was a lot of focus on “healings”, I came away from this book with a new sense of God’s presence in my life. It made me realize more and more that Jesus is our constant companion and that even though we can’t see Him and hear Him talk out loud to us, He is inside of us. He is right there wanting to be our guide, our helper, through His Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. So while there was a little too much emphasis on “healings” (at least that is my own opinion), I truly did enjoy this book!

The Great Education Decision

The Great Education Decision – This book was recommended on a Facebook group I am in, so I decided to check it out. It just recently came out and was free on Kindle for a few days (not sure if it still is, but might be). I had a hard time getting through this book, probably because it was so technical! But overall, it was a good book, with lots of good information about the different worldviews out there and how we do need to be careful that we are holding to a Biblical worldview in all we do.

The Swindler's Treasure

The Swindler’s Treasure (Freedom Seekers #4) – This is another great book in this series that I am reading aloud to the kids! They are really learning a lot about the sacrifices that were made to help slaves escape. We finished this book last week and are already well into book #5 in the series.

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Mysterious Signal (Freedom Seekers #5) – This is our current read-aloud book. Again, we are loving this series based on the Underground Railroad and plan to finish out the 6 book series before we move on to other read-aloud books!

Not a Word -I decided to start another Chautona Havig book! She is becoming one of my favorite fiction authors.

You Are Loved -A friend and I will be reading through this book together and plan to start this week probably.

Own Your Life – I started this book a few weeks ago and have read through the first few chapters. But, I am putting my reading on hold for a few more weeks, as I am going to be reading through this book with a friend (and she hasn’t received her book yet).

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