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Scripture Memory System & Free Verse Cards!

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Scripture memory is such an important part of our relationship with the Lord. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts can reap such great benefits…it changes us. If that is so, then why is it so hard sometimes for us to get into a regular habit of memorizing Scripture?  I want to share what we have been doing in this area in our family.

We have been doing Scripture memory now for several years using this wonderful Scripture Memory System.  I am amazed how well it is working for us.  Even my 3 and 4 year olds have memorized quite a few verses this way.  I didn’t realize how much even the little ones were picking up, but yesterday I asked my 3 year old if he could say John 3:16-17.  He spouted it out almost word for word!  He also knew Romans 3:23, Proverbs 15:1, John 1:1-2, and more.  He learned all these just by listening to us repeat verses after breakfast every day!  I have even caught my 7 year old quoting Scripture at times when it applies to a situation he is dealing with…awesome!

If you are interested in this Scripture Memory System, click here to read all about it.

Then print out some verse cards!  I have 4 Verse Card Sets available for download here.

I should mention that we only do our verse cards Monday through Friday.  So we don’t really use the “days of the month” part of the schedule.  I just keep adding cards to the Monday through Friday dividers.  When it gets to be too many, we may have to do something different.  I’m thinking maybe having Week 1, Week 2, etc. dividers, and one day a week go over these.  We’ll see.  This system has made it so easy for us to do Bible memory every day.  After breakfast we read a story out of The Child’s Story Bible, then do our verses.  It doesn’t take very long, but by being consistent we are memorizing lots of verses and the kids love it.

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