Why I started using Podia for my store (Podia Review)

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Back in January, I decided to make a big change on my website. I had been using an eCommerce WordPress plugin that I bought years ago to run my store.

It was a blessing at the time and had mostly met the needs I had in being able to offer my products for sale. But recently I had been having more difficulties and glitches in the processes, and knew that I needed to make a change.

After doing a ton of research, I chose Podia to handle all my products, including ebooks, courses, and membership.

This is a little different type of post, but I wanted to take a moment and share with you my reasons for switching to Podia. [Just a hint: YOU are the main reason!]

All of my products are in one place!

Over the years, I have published quite an assortment of products that I sell. It was getting confusing trying to organize it all on my site so that my readers could find what they were looking for.

With Podia, everything I am selling is in one place! My membership, all my ebooks, and my (new) courses! Love it!

Customers can access all their purchases in one place at any time.

Using Podia has allowed me to have all my products that I sell in one place, which means that my customers can access them all in one place!

When someone purchases something (free or paid) in my store, an account is set up for them. Whenever they purchase something new, that product is added to their account.

My customers can then just log into their account in my store and access all the products they have ever purchased from me. That means that they can download ebooks again, if needed, access courses again and again, and also access the membership area of they are a member!

One of my main reasons for switching to Podia was for YOU, my readers and customers. Yes it is more costly for me to use this service, but the benefits Podia offers is well worth it. YOU are worth it!

No more having to log into three different sites/stores to access your purchases and memberships. Now it is all in one place!

I can offer courses (which I hadn’t done before)!

I had kicked around the idea of offering some courses, but again, didn’t want to use yet another service (like Teachable for example), that would require my readers to create another login/account in order to access my courses.

With Podia, I can create courses and offer them for sale in the same store as all my other products! And my customers can access the courses they purchased (along with any ebooks or memberships) simply by logging into their account.

Since it is so easy to use, I can’t wait to create even more courses that will help you in getting systems in place in your home!

I can easily contact customers with updates to products they have purchased.

This is a BIG one! Podia allows me to send an email to people, based on the products they have purchased. So let’s say that I updated an ebook, made some changes, and uploaded a new version. I could quickly and easily send out an email to everyone who had purchased that ebook, letting them know that a new “updated” version of the ebook was available in their account.

See how that works? I wasn’t able to do that before, and know that this feature will be a huge blessing when I need to contact my customers with important updates.

My Intentional Homemaking Membership is now available on my main site, and accessed in the same customer dashboard as other products.

As I said before, I hated the fact that my Intentional Homemaking Members had a totally different login/account and had to go to a totally different site from my main site to access the membership area.

With Podia, I now have my Intentional Homemaking Membership in the same store as all my other products. Everything is in one place, making it so much easier for my customers.

Podia’s customer service is exceptional!

Last, but definitely not least, I was very impressed with Podia’s customer service. Over the past months of using Podia, whenever I had trouble of any kind, I hopped on the Support Chat and someone got back to me usually within minutes!

This is important to me because when I have issues on my site, it affects you, my readers. If I can’t get problems resolved quickly (for your sake), that is a problem for me. 

Podia’s customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced, which makes this a win for me and for you!

Do you sell products online and want to give Podia a try?

Podia is offering a totally FREE 14-day trial! You know that I don’t recommend any products or services I don’t personally use and love. I highly recommend Podia for your all-in-one online platform for selling your digital products.

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