Announcing my new ebook series: Create Your Own Penmanship Pages!

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I am so excited to announce the Create Your Own…Penmanship Pages ebook series!

Each ebook is 171 pages
Price:  $5.00

Click here to see the sample pages from the Abeka Manuscript Font ebook

Click here to see the sample pages from the D’Nealian Manuscript Font ebook.

Click here to see the sample pages from the Palmer Manuscript Font ebook.

With these ebooks (editable PDF files) you will be able to create your own penmanship pages for your children in either the Abeka Manuscript Font, D’Nealian Manuscript Font, or the Palmer Manuscript Font (I currently have 3 ebooks in this series but there may be more added later).  From simple ABC type pages, to copying sentences, to creating notebook pages for your history or science notebooks…this ebook does it all!

I have created an ebook using each of these fonts.  The fonts are used in a variety of different formats.  I have divided up the ebooks into 6 sections….one for each of the different formats.  Each section has 26 pages of blank fields formatted and ready for you to just start typing in.  Simply go to the section that you want to use and begin creating pages!  It’s really that easy!  Click on the sample page links above to see the different formats available in each ebook as well as more details!

Because this is an editable PDF file, you can type in the fields, save the file, edit the file later, print the file, etc.  You can create multiple copies of this ebook so that you can create many different types of projects.

Here are some of the ideas I present in the ebook…things you can make with these pages…create…

  • an alphabet book
  • history or science notebook pages
  • copywork pages
  • an “_____ from A to Z” book
  • writing paper
  • spelling or vocabulary lists
  • Bible notebook pages
  • and more!!!

The ideas are really endless.  Take a look at the sample pages (link above).  You will be able to type into one page in the sample file so you can see how it works.

Click on the covers above to go to the product pages OR click on these links:  Abeka ebook, D’Nealian ebook, Palmer ebook!

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  1. Wow, this is so great! Definitely I will get the aBeka manuscript one - but is there any chance you will do an aBeka cursive one? That would help me very much in preparing for next year! But the manuscript one is just what I need to teach my kids printing, since we are starting with cursive in K4 / JK. Thanks so much for this!
    1. Hi Melissa, I'm not sure about cursive. I can create handwriting pages already made up, but with cursive the letters have to join and I'm not sure I can offer that in the editable version. I will definitely be working on that though once I get these other manuscript ones done!
    1. You are welcome Cindy. The whole purpose of my site is to bless others, not to make a fortune....so I try to keep my ebook prices very low. I pray these ebooks will be a help to many!
    1. Thanks Kim! I do hope this ebook series will be a blessing for others. I am working on a couple more now (Steck Vaughn and Bob Jones University Fonts)...hope to have those done later today! Have a great day!
  2. This is an incredible idea Sheri! Wow! I have not seen anything like this on the market at all. I love it!!! I had a program to do this type of thing but it is on a computer we no longer use. This is an incredible way to fill in what we have been missing for the past couple of years. Thank you!
    1. Thank you RaShell! I thought it was a neat idea :). I hope it blesses many! I am hoping to add some more ebooks with different font types to the series, but I am dealing with some licensing restrictions that sometimes limit my choices. I will do what I can, though, if this looks like something that people really are going to use! Have a great day!
  3. Wow, wow and triple wow. What an amazingly talented lady you are. Such a blessing and this e book is exactly what we are looking for. Thank you Sheri, yet again you bless us!!

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