Caught Up in a Story {Review}

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I finally finished reading Caught Up in a Story by Sarah Clarkson and really enjoyed it. I wanted to just share some quick thoughts on why I liked this book so much.

Caught Up in a Story

I had previously read Sarah’s book, Read for the Heart, and was inspired to really make reading a priority. Sarah’s book gave me lists of great books to check out from our local library or even buy to add to our collection.

So it was with great anticipation that I ordered Sarah’s new book, Caught Up in a Story, as soon as it was available. I was not disappointed!

From the back of the book, in Caught Up in a Story Sarah demonstrateshow great books can be a parent’s best ally in shaping a child to love what is beautiful, pursue what is good, and grasp what is true.

I guess I had never really thought about how stories can shape us. Sarah walks us through each stage of a child’s life and gives suggested books that will help your child grow and mature, helping them imagine and live a great story of their own.

While I love the huge lists of books in Read for the Heart, Caught Up in a Story digs deep into the “why” of reading great stories and has helped me understand on a deeper level just how important it is.

I highly recommend this book! Click here to buy your copy of Caught Up in a Story today.

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