Trim Healthy Mama {Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding – Fuel Pull!}

Trim Healthy Mama {Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding}

This past week I experimented with one of the recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama book…the Chia Tapioca Pudding (found on page 234).  I absolutely LOVE what I came up with and I think you will too!  This recipe is a snap to whip together and refrigerate for a several hours.

Since this is low fat, low carb, this Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding is a Fuel Pull!  You can eat it as a whole meal or as a snack.  I have been mixing some up in the morning, sticking it in the refrigerator, and eating it as an afternoon snack.  I love it!  Enjoy!


1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk
1/2 teaspoon glucomannan
1 tablespoon defatted peanut flour
1 tablespoon cocoa
Dash of vanilla
Dash sea salt
Sweetener to taste (I shake in a few shakes of NuNaturals)
1 tablespoon chia seeds

In a blender mix up the almond milk, glucomannan, peanut flour, and cocoa.  Just mix long enough to blend well.

Transfer mixture to a pint glass jar.

Add in vanilla and sweetener.  Taste test to see if it is sweet enough for you and add more if needed.

Mix in the chia seeds.

Cover with a lid and refrigerate overnight or for 4-6 hours.

The mixture will thicken and will make a yummy chocolate peanut butter pudding!


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36 thoughts on “Trim Healthy Mama {Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding – Fuel Pull!}

  1. Excellent! I blended it for 3 minutes and then waited for 30 seconds and then blended for a few minutes more. This is GREAT! :-) Thanks!

    • Sounds like me! I like to do that and put individual servings in the refrigerator for when I get the urge for a snack. Ok..tomorrow I’m making some more of this pudding..I’m hungry :)!

    • Hi Karen, That is what I come up with too. 7.5 g. fat. I know that is over the 5g limit for a FP. I looked the original recipe in the THM book and the only different is that they use 1 1/4 cup almond milk and don’t have the peanut flour (1 g. fat) in it. If you take those two things into account, you still run around 6 g. of fat. So…while this is on the high end of FP, it is still pretty low in fat. If you want to cut the fat a bit more, lessen the amount of almond milk you use, and lower the amount of chia seeds to 3/4 T. instead of a full T. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Sheri,
    I am so delighted to read your blog and it is so encouraging. Thank you so much. I don’t have defatted peanut flour and I don’t think I could purchase it in my country, can I still able to make the chocolate peanut butter chia pudding. I am off plan pretty often when I have to eat out during the weekend and keeping the diet is pretty challenging at times. Reading your post and story is just what I need at the moment. May God bless your sharing your hearts with us

    • Hi Rosy! I purchase the defatted peanut flour online, but if that still isn’t an option for you, then you can use just natural peanut butter with no sugar added. But using peanut butter will add more fat to the recipe, probably make this one more of an S instead of a FP. But it can be done. I hope that helps! I am so glad you are enjoying my blog…you made my day!

    • Hi Marika, I’m not sure how this would turn out if you blended up the chia seeds. The chia seeds help absorb the liquids and thicken this. My guess is that it would just help thicken this and it would not have the tapioca feel to it without the whole chia seeds. Hope that helps!

    • You really need to have the glucomannan for this recipe because that is what helps it set up like pudding. If you don’t use it, it will be runny.

    • I don’t know why you couldn’t just use natural peanut butter. Because the peanut butter has more fat, it may put this more in an S setting instead of a Fuel Pull though. If you don’t mind that, give it a try!

  3. I made this last night and it almost didn’t make it to the fridge! But this morning I’m glad I waited. It was even better!!! This recipe is another keeper! Thanks so much Sheri!

  4. I love this Sheri! I just made this along with a strawberry lemon ginger fp chia pudding! Talk about yummy goodness for breakfast and snack!!! Thank you for the recipe!