Sneak Peak at Some New Books Coming Soon!

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I am so excited to give you all a sneak peak at a couple of new books that will be coming soon! Proof copies of both books have been ordered, and once I look them over to make sure they are in perfect shape, they will be for sale on Amazon! I’ll let you know when they are available — hopefully within a week!

Intentional Monthly Planner- July 2016-December 2017

The first softcover book will look familiar to you. I created this Intentional Monthly Planner last year (that ran from July 2015-December 2016) and it was a huge hit. Many contacted me telling me how much they loved having a simple planner to plot out their homeschool lessons.

I personally used it in our homeschool and it has been such a blessing. I bought a planner for each of my children. My oldest used it to schedule out his own homeschool lessons, and I used it for my younger three to plot out their language arts and math lessons (our “Table Time” work with Mom). It worked so well that I am planning on buying this planner again for the new homeschool year! This brand new Intentional Monthly Planner will be available on Amazon soon!

Intentional Quiet Time Journal

This next softcover book is one that I am so excited about! You all know how much I have loved using my Intentional Bible Study Journal for my Bible study. Well, this new journal is based on the SOAP method as well, but with a few more fun things added in. The size is a bit bigger (7.44″ x 9.69″ – about the size of a composition book), includes a place to record a few things you are thankful for, and has some fun graphics that you can “make pretty” if you want. Here is what the journal pages look like…

Intentional Quiet Time Journal-sample

I just love it and can’t wait to get a copy for myself to use! While I created it for adults, I don’t see why this journal can’t be used by children as well. I think they would love it too!

Like I said, I have sent away for proof copies. Once I get those back and look them over, I will get these up for sale on Amazon.

My prayer is that these new books will provide you with resources you need to be intentional — whether in planning your days, or in your Bible study time. Watch for more details soon on when these are available to purchase!

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  1. I can't wait! I'm getting the Intentional Bible Journal for my 12,13 and 15 yr old daughters!! Have you ever thought of a "boy" version? Something decorated more masculine? Just a thought. My one boy at home (my other boys have spec needs) who could use this would love that! :o) I bet there's other boys out there too!
    1. Hi Eliz! I am so glad that you are excited about this new journal! That's a great idea to create a "boy" version. I know this one is kind of "pretty". Let me see what I can do!

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