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Your Story Hour – Magazine & Bible Study for Kids

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I wanted to share a really neat resource that you may be interested in. We just LOVE our Your Story Hour CDs that we listen to for history. We got our first set quite a few years ago and the kids love them and learn so much. Well…I just found out that they have some other free resources on their website for kids:

1 – Their Clubhouse magazine for kids can be downloaded and printed. It is filled with character-building stories, Bible stories, puzzles, etc.

2 – Adventures in the Holy Bible is a Bible study for kids. Your kids can sign up and receive lessons in the mail. Lessons are completed and then a quiz taken. Quizzes are then mailed back to Your Story Hour. Now…here is the neat part! When completed quizzes are turned in, the new set of lessons AND a CD from the Life of Jesus CD set is mailed back to your child! Each time quizzes are mailed in, a new CD is sent along with the next lessons. Once your child has completed all the lessons, Your Story Hour will mail them a nice case to store all 13 CDs in! This set is sold on their website for about $45.

I have enjoyed using these resources with my children. I hope you enjoy them too!

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