What happens when you allow your children to follow their interests…

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Look at what my daughter, Sarah, painted yesterday…isn’t it beautiful?  One of her friends had posted a picture on facebook of her and her horse as a silhouette…that got my daughter to thinking.  She had an idea in her head of what she wanted to paint, and then yesterday she dove in and created it…on a small canvas she had.  Sarah has loved learning to paint.  She has had no formal classes or training….just hands-on experience…and look at what God can do.

I want to encourage you…especially those of you who are homeschooling…to be sure to allow your children the time to pursue their interests.  I could have crowded our days with so much schoolwork that Sarah would not have had time to draw, paint, etc…but over the years we have included those interests as a part of our school day…giving her the time to develop those areas of interest to her.  God has made each of our children so different and so special…and we need to take the time to get to know our children really well.  Learn what they love, what excites them, and encourage them to pursue some of those interests.

I will share in another post another day about my bird-loving son…another example of allowing my children to pursue their interests.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Sheri. She has some real talent. May God bless her for His glory. Barb trainingourdaughters.blogspot.com

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