More Mini Books Added to the Shop: Numbers 1-20, Blank Journals, To Do Lists + Prayer Lists!

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I have so many ideas for these Mini Books and completed a few more yesterday. I added Numbers 1-20 Mini Books, Blank Journal Mini Books, two different Prayer List Mini Books and a Weekly To Do List Mini Book. Take a look below!

mini number books - sample

Number 1-20 Mini Books – This file contains a Mini Book for each number from 1 to 20. Use these Number Mini Books to give your child practice writing his numbers.

Mini Book- Blank Journals - Sample

Blank Journal Mini Books – This file contains five different blank journals – four with pretty graphics on the cover, and one with no graphic. Use these Mini Books to give to your child to write whatever they want.

Mini To Do Lists - sample2

Weekly To Do Lists – This file contains five different Weekly To Do Lists – four with pretty graphics on the cover, and one with no graphic. Use these Mini Books to jot down what you want to do each day of the week and carry it around with you. Great for you or your kids!

Mini Prayer List-sample2

My Prayer Lists – Use these Mini Books to keep track of your prayer list! Use the check boxes to check off when a prayer is answered, or check off to indicate you have prayed for that request.

Mini Prayer List Weekly-sample2

My Prayer Lists (with a page for each day of the week) – Use these Mini Books to record requests that you want to pray for each day of the week.

Watch for more Mini Books coming soon!


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