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Check out this awesome Bible website!

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Bible Hub

Today as I was searching online I found this wonderful Bible website. It truly is amazing! You can look up verses in many different translations, look up information in commentaries, see the Greek and Hebrew, read a parallel of the Gospels, view Biblical images and maps, view a timeline of the Bible, and more!

I think this would make a wonderful resource for personal Bible study and for homeschool. I love the timeline feature that allows you to read through and study the Bible in chronological order. It even has images and maps that come up that go along with each reading.

If you plan on doing any kind of study through the Bible as part of your homeschool, this would be a wonderful website to bookmark and use!

I plan on using the translation feature to make some pretty Scripture verse posters in Spanish for our Compassion kids.

Click here to go to Bible Hub today!


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