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Books, books, and MORE books!!!

A reader emailed me for some suggestions for some good books that her younger children could read or that could be read aloud. So, I decided to do a post with a list of some of our most favorite books. I LOVE books. My kids always tease me when the bookshelves start filling up. We have enjoyed pulling books from our shelves, though, and read them together. It is wonderful to have a good “library” right in our own home!


For beginning readers:

I love to have them read the Pathway Readers. They are good wholesome stories and they have books at each grade level. They are excellent!

Rod and Staff readers are also excellent, as the Grades 1-4 books are all Bible stories! Now we just bought the readers, not all the workbooks that go along with them. You could if you wanted to use it as your full-fledged reading program.

We also have some books in the “An I Can Read” series that were history related that my younger ones really enjoyed. Prairie School was one that we really enjoyed!


For reading aloud (I include my kindergarten age children on up in our read-aloud time in the afternoon during nap time, so some of these may be too old for the toddler age):

We have read through the Little House series twice now!   These are favorites and always enjoyed by my children.

Christian Heroes Then & Now Series – These books are published by YWAM and are excellent! Our lives have been changed through reading about these true heroes!

Heroes of History – These are published by YWAM as well and are excellent history reading!

Moody Family Series – There are five books in the series and they are excellent, God-honoring books. My kids LOVED these and they were encouraged in some areas of their lives to be more like Christ.

Missionary Stories with the Millers – This book is a series of missionary stories. The chapters are not long, but give your children a good first exposure to missionaries.

Patricia St. John Books – I can’t say enough good things about these books! It is like having a devotional reading every time you read these books. The only bad thing I have to say about these books is that I wish there were more! These are a MUST have!

Childhood of Famous Americans Series – We own a couple of these, but we mostly got these from our library. We have read quite a few of these throughout our homeschooling years and my kids LOVE them! They always learn so much. They are pretty easy reads and make great readers for your 9-12 year old, or great read-alouds for all ages!

Sisters in Time Series – These are excellent history-related books. My kids are enjoying reading these themselves, but they would also make great read-alouds.

The Missionary Adventures of Bob & Arty Series – I bought a couple in this series to read aloud, but we haven’t read them yet.

The Farm Mystery Series – We have four of the books in this series and we have read them all.  They are excellent and the kids LOVED them!


Books to read to the younger set:

Little Lights Series – These are wonderful short books to read to your younger children…excellent!

God’s Wisdom for Little Boys & God’s Wisdom for Little Girls – These are wonderful books to read to your little boys and girls. They cover character topics that little ones will learn from…very cute books by Jim and Elizabeth George.

Little Jewel Books – We have quite a few of these books. They are published by Rod & Staff and are good wholesome books for your little ones.


Good books list for ALL ages:

If you are wanting a good book list, here is one for you! When I first started homeschooling, I printed this list out for my young daughter, put it in a notebook, and took it to the library with me. I could easily find books at the library that were on the list, knowing that the books were “good” ones. I then noted the date beside the book so I could see which books we had already read. This list would be a great place to start if you have only younger children. As they get older and are able to handle longer chapter books, then the above read-aloud books would be great to use. Here is the link:

Classical Christian Education’s 1000 Good Books List for all Ages:


I hope you enjoyed the walk through our home library. I know I have missed some, and there is not the time to list all the books we have ever read and loved…but there are some that we own and really have enjoyed. I hope you find some that you can use with your kids. Reading is so much and should be a part of everyone’s day!

Happy reading!

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  1. Also, have you read any by Tracy Leininger from Vision Forum? I would like to read some of those too!
  2. Have you ever read any of the books from Keepers of the Faith? I just got their catalog and can't wait to read some by Isabella Alden. They all sound soooo good.

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