Language Lessons {a favorite homeschool resource + some homeschool planning tips}

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Language Lessons for the Very Young

I have been homeschooling now for over 15 years and have used many different curriculum resources for language arts. Today I wanted to talk about one that we are using this year and it has been a perfect fit for us – Queen Homeschool’s Language Lessons series.

Quite a few years ago I used this series for my two oldest children, so when I was doing my homeschool planning for this year I decided to give this series a try with my younger three. I was also excited to see that some of the books in the Language Lessons series were being made available as ebooks!

I purchased the books I would need for my three younger children and started setting up their notebooks.

I purchase a notebook for each of my children and added some tabbed dividers inside. I organized the tabs like this:  “Language Arts”, “Language Arts – DONE”, “Math”, “Math-DONE”. This way I could print out a portion of their language arts book and insert it under the Language Arts tab.

They do one short lesson every day, and when a page is completed they take it out and move it to the Language Arts-DONE tab. That way they can easily find the current lesson they are working on.

I am doing the same for math. I used CTC Math for a while with my younger three, and then found out that they all prefer to do a math “page” instead of trying to do their work on the computer. So I purchased some math ebooks for each of them and organized them like I did the language arts lessons.

This makes our school time so easy because all their assignments are together in their notebook and I know exactly what needs to be done next. My kids also use their notebooks to add other things in too, like drawings, copywork, etc. Once the school year is over, I will put all their completed work in their notebook, along with lists of books we’ve read, things we’ve studied, etc.

This system is working great for us this year, and is probably one I will continue next year.

What is your favorite way to organize your homeschool? Please share!

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  1. Thank you for this! Quick question - I have only one child, but I like to make things as streamlined as possible. It helps him even more than me. We will be using Queens in a few months. Do you cut the binding on the workbooks or have them write on separate paper?

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