How to have a great New Year!

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Are you ready for the New year? Over the years I have had many emails and comments from readers expressing their frustrations in staying organized, planning their day, getting the things done that need to be done like menu planning and laundry and cleaning.


This morning I thought I would just highlight some of the resources that I have available that may be a help to you as you look to a new year.  We all want to start the year off right, to have a plan.  I pray that some of these resources will help you!

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The Intentional Planner – This one resource has been a life saver for me!  I explain in detail how to put together your own planner so you can be more intentional and get things done.  The Intentional Planner membership site is full of downloadable planning pages you can save to your computer and use to make your planner.  If you get anything, start here!  The other resources below are included in the Life-Time Membership, but if you don’t have the money now, grab the one-year membership for $5 and get started now!


Child’s Weekly Assignment Sheet – This little booklet contains editable forms you can use to chart out your children’s homeschool assignments and daily chores.


Menu Planning – Need some help menu planning?  This ebook will give you step-by-step instructions and forms to create your own personalized menu planning schedule for your family!


Menu Planning Made Easy! – If creating your own menu plan is too much right now, grab this ebook!  I have 4 weeks worth of menus, grocery lists, and recipes to get you started…the easy way!


Bountiful Breakfasts – This is just one of several cookbook ebooks that I have available here.  If you need some help making healthy meals..check these out!


Setting Up a Cleaning Schedule…That Works! – Do the weeks go by and little or no house cleaning is getting done?  This ebook will help you get a schedule set up that will work for your family.


Natural Cleaners for the Home – This ebook goes along with the cleaning theme…learn how to make some natural cleaners that are much cheaper and do the job safely!


My prayer for you as you look forward to and begin planning for the New Year, is that you will be intentional in all you do.  The Lord has given each of us the same amount of time in each day…what are we going to do with it?  I don’t know about you, but I want to follow the Lord and be intentionally obeying Him in every area of my life…including menu planning, cleaning, homeschooling, etc.

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