How receiving children as a Gift from God helps us to become more like Christ!

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Over the weekend, I have been listening through the recent workshop held by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. It is SO good and has really encouraged me as a mom. I wanted to share one quote from Sally with you today:

“God’s desire is to conform you into the image of Christ. When you take responsibility
for your children, receiving them as a gift from God, you will become more godly,
more loving, more excellent because you are taking responsibility for the stewardship
that God gave you.” – Sally Clarkson

This was just one little nugget of wisdom shared by Sally in the workshop. You know, it is so easy sometimes to think that our spiritual walk is something separate from our everyday life as a wife and mother.  That we do our “mothering” tasks (the teaching, training, cleaning, caring, loving, etc.), and then we do our “spiritual” tasks (Bible reading, going to church, prayer, etc.).

This is SO not true! As Sally shared, how we relate with our own husband and children reflects our walk with God.

Are we relating to them in love or duty?

Do we push our kids aside so we can do our “spiritual” things?

Do we have a divided heart?

Are other things more important than lovingly accepting responsibility for the task of stewarding the lives of our children?

I highly recommend this workshop by Sally and Sarah Mae. Tonight is the deadline to enter to win a copy…so click on over to my giveaway post and enter now!

Even if you don’t win, they have priced this workshop so anyone can afford it. Click here to buy a copy today!

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