New Intentional Monthly Planner Available for 2017-2018!

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Intentional Monthly Planner- July 2017-December 2018

This summer has been so busy for me, but I finally had some time to sit down and publish the brand new Intentional Monthly Planner for the coming school year. It is now for sale for only $5.99 on Amazon!

If you want to read about how I have used the Intentional Monthly Planner to plan out our homeschool year, click on over to this post.

While I absolutely love the simplicity and compactness of this monthly planner, I have had several requests for a planner that had more room for each week — one that had a whole week on one page. As my kids get older, I am finding that I need more room too, to plan out their days.

Intentional Weekly Planner Coming Soon!

So I am so excited to announce that I am working on a brand new Intentional Weekly Planner! This planner will have pages with monthly calendars on them, but then behind each monthly calendar page will be weekly pages. I also plan to have a page on the back of the monthly calendar pages, with a place to write out goals for the month, to do items for the month, and a place for notes.

I am really excited to get this project done and out to you, but I have one thing I am struggling with — should this planner be pre-dated, with all the monthly and weekly calendars filled in with the dates? OR would it be better to leave this undated, allowing the user to fill in the monthly and weekly calendars as needed?

If I pre-date the Intentional Weekly Planner, then I would run the dates like I do the Intentional Monthly Planner — from July to December of the following year (18 months). The reason I do this is to accommodate homeschoolers so that they can use the planner no matter how they set up their homeschool year.

If I leave the planner undated, then I would probably just include 12 months worth of planning pages. Since the user would fill in the dates that will fit their homeschool year, it isn’t necessary to include 18 months worth of planning pages.

What do you think? I am leaning towards the pre-dated calendars, but would love to hear your thoughts! Please let me know in the comments! I really need to decide in the next few days, as I want to get this project completed and out to you before July gets here. Thanks!

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