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Begin planning your homeschool year with my new Intentional Monthly Planner!

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I am so excited to tell you about this brand new product, the Intentional Monthly Planner, that is now available for sale on Amazon! Each year I plan to publish a brand new planner for the new school year!

As a busy stay-at-home mom, I wanted a basic monthly planner that I could use to keep track of our days. It seems like many planners today have so many extra pages in them that I get lost and confused trying to use them. What I really needed was simply a basic monthly planner that held monthly calendars on a 2-page spread, plus some extra pages in the back for additional notes or lists. So, I created the Intentional Monthly Planner!

Intentional Monthly Planner - NEW

While these calendars can be used to keep track of events, appointments, birthdays, etc., I plan on using them to track our homeschool work. Right now I have four children that I am still homeschooling. My plan is to use one planner for each child. For my younger children, I will write what we do each day onto the monthly calendars. Some work will be planned out ahead of time and other things will be written in at the end of the day. My oldest child can use the planner to plan out his own schedule. Additional space is provided on the monthly calendar pages for to do lists, goals, or notes.

Intentional Monthly Planner - NEW

Lined pages are included at the back of the planner for any other items you may want to record. Since I am using these for homeschooling, I plan on have a list of books read, curriculum used that year, field trips taken, and any other special things I want to record about the school year.

I hope you enjoy using this planner for whatever your needs are. I decided to make the planner cover an 18-month period, running from July to December of the following year. This will allow flexibility for those that want to use the planner for their school year, since homeschool families schedule their years in many different ways.

Get your softcover copy today for only $5.99 on Amazon!

Get the eBook version here!


Simple. Affordable. Usable.

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  1. Sheri are you going to make a planner for the 2022/2023 year? I really like your planner. God bless!
    1. Hi Jeanetta, I have had other irons in the fire and have not been able to keep up with the softcover planners I was doing. Are you just wanting the monthly one or the weekly one? If I remember right, the monthly one is a lot quicker for me to make. I might be able to set aside some time to get that done. I know many who really enjoyed using it too. Let me know which one and I'll see what I can do.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if you have a picture on your website of an example of how you use the planner to plan your homeschool or could post one? I have never used a planner before and now when I am trying to write things down I cant quite figure out how I should do it.
    1. Hi Tina! I need to get kids into bed now, but I will send you an email tomorrow with some more information and some pictures to help hopefully! I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you question! Until tomorrow!
  3. These are very nice! I am intrigued with how you make it work for school recording. A little more detail would help please. Thank you. :)
    1. Well, Barbara, as far as "recording", it really depends on your state and what the homeschool requirements are. Here in Kansas, we don't have any reporting requirements. I use the planner to plot out their independent studies to keep us on track. I also have an overall record of what each of my children studied each year, but these planners show the details on the lessons planned out. Hope that makes sense! If you do grades, you can even write in their grade in the planner. Then if you need to do some sort of end of the year reporting, you can go back and take all the information and compile it for your reports. Have a great day!

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