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I don’t know about you, but I have been spending some time going through all the bundles and products in this year’s Build Your Bundle sale, trying to determine what I want to buy. There are so many excellent products in this year’s bundles!

So I thought I would take some time this morning and highlight some of my favorites and then talk about how I can purchase these items at the cheapest price! Ready?

The Way I Should Go – Volume 2 – This ebook, found in the Character Bundle, is geared for the younger ones (Ages 4-8), but it looked so good I might just get it and read it aloud to all my kids! Michelle uses stories that you read aloud to your kids to help them learn lessons about character. This would be a great addition to my Morning Time Learning!

To Every Nation – I love reading about missionaries with my kids, so this study looked inviting. This study can be covered in 12 weeks, or pair it up with the Christian Heroes Then & Now books to make a whole year study! I can’t wait to dig into this one! This ebook is also found in the Character Bundle.

The Mystery of History – Volume 1 (Quarters 1 & 2) – These Mystery of History audios are excellent as a history supplement! Of course you can buy the whole Mystery of History curriculum to use as your core history curriculum, but the audios are fun to have to listen to around the house or in the car! You can get Quarters 1 & 2 of Volumes 1-3 in the Build Your Bundle sale, and when you purchase you will also get a coupon for 20% off so you can get Quarters 3 & 4 if you want. Here are the bundles where you can find these audios: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series Books & Literature Guides – These books, found in the Elementary Bundle #3, look amazing! They cover creation science in a story format, teaching kids how to defend their faith. The literature guides add fun activities and experiments to go along with the study. Another thing I love about this series, is that it can be used with all ages, K-12!

Complete Word Family Readers Program – I was so excited to see this complete reading curriculum in the sale this year! It can be found in the Elementary Bundle #3. I am currently using this curriculum with my struggling reader and he is loving it! You can teach your child to read with games, spelling activities, easy reader books, flashcards, and more. Everything is included! I won’t be purchasing this one, since I already have it, but I wanted to highlight it here!

The Nifty Fifty – This is a fun resource you can use to teach your kids about the 50 states! Take your kids on a trek across the states and have fun learning as you go! This one is also found in the Elementary Bundle #3.

Families Learn Together: American History Art Appreciation – Learn American history through the eyes of artists! Each lesson has something to read about the artist and then some the artist’s paintings to look at together. This would be another wonderful resource to add to your Morning Time Learning! This ebook is found in the Fine Arts Bundle.

Confidence Building: Secrets to Becoming More Successful in Your Homeschool – I always try to pick up a book or two that is just for me, and this is one of those! It looks like a great book to encourage and refresh me this summer! This ebook is found in the Homeschool Helps Bundle #2.

A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Smartphones – We all know that phones are a part of our world now, whether we like it or not. This looks like a great guide to help me as a parent teach my kids how to use their phones in a wise way. This ebook is found in the Parenting Bundle.

Screen Sense – This looks like another great resource found in the Parenting Bundle. Not only are phones a part of our world, but the internet and computers in general. So it is so very important that we teach our kids how to handle screen time so that it doesn’t take over!

Motivate Your Child to Action – This is not only a book, but a series of 12 audios that you listen to! Read and listen through this course to get a plan in place to motivate your child! It sounds really, really good to me! This resource is also found in the Parenting Bundle.

Blogging Basics Bootcamp – I have taken a lot of blogging courses over the years, but I was excited to see this one included in the sale this year! I know Heather, the creator of this course, and know she has a lot of wisdom to share. I can’t wait to dig into this course myself. If you are thinking about starting a blog and don’t know where to start, get this course! It normally sells for $97, but is included in the Homemaking Bundle (which is only $15 for the whole bundle!).

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working From Home – This book came highly recommended, so I was excited to see it in the Homemaking Bundle as well. I will be adding this to my summer reading list!

Skill Trek – It hasn’t been too long ago that I was first introduced to Skill Trek. It is an amazing resource that you can use to teach life skills to your children! This module is available in the Homemaking Bundle, but there are several different ones sprinkled throughout the bundle sale. I would encourage you to go check them out!

Schoolhouse Teachers Membership – I thought I would mention this resource as well, for those of you who may never have heard of it. is a membership site that has over 300 online courses for all ages. They have courses for all subjects and your membership includes all members of your family. During the bundle sale, you can get a one-year membership for 50% off, which makes this an amazing deal! If you purchase this deal through the Build Your Bundle sale, your membership will not auto renew after your year is up, but you will receive a chance to renew at the same discounted rate before your membership expires (which makes this even more amazing, thinking that you will be able to get this discounted rate every year as long as you continue to renew!).

You could use Schoolhouse Teachers as your main curriculum source, or to supplement. I am seriously thinking about getting a membership to use for supplemental learning. They have a lot of great electives that you could add to your homeschool. This deal is found under the Online Courses/Memberships tab.

My Purchase Plan

Here is how I figured out how I was going to make sure I got the products that I wanted in the sale this year. I could have picked out each product and built my own bundle, but it would have actually been MORE to do that! I ended up having six different bundles that these products were in, so I plan on making two separate purchases so that I can get the best deal.

I will be using the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” option to get the bundles, so I will be putting the most expensive bundles together. Here is the plan:

Purchase #1: ($68 purchase)

  • Elementary Bundle #3 – $39
  • Parenting Bundle – $29
  • Character Bundle – $29 – FREE

Purchase #2: ($38 purchase)

  • Homeschool Helps #2 Bundle – $19
  • Fine Arts Bundle – $19
  • Homemaking Bundle – $15 – FREE

Purchase #3: ($89.50)

  • Schoolhouse Teachers Membership (I am still deciding on this one!)


$106.00 – Total purchase amount for Purchase #1 and #2
– $5.00 coupon code
$101.00 – Total Purchase Price I Will Pay

Total value of the six bundles purchased: $1,594.33

PLUS, each purchase comes with a “Bundle of Bonuses” with tons of more freebies and discounts!

As you can see, it is important to look at the products you want to buy, see what bundles they are in, and then decide if it is cheaper to Build Your Own Bundle or just get the pre-made bundles using the Buy 2, Get 1 Free option.

I hope this helps you to see how it can be done. You will be saving a bunch on curriculum that you will be using for years to come! Head on over to the bundle sale and begin making your list!

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