Naming His Gifts: #122-#131

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How the weeks keep flying by!  It seems like when I am not conscious of each moment, looking for His gifts throughout the day, that the days fly by too quickly.  Those moments are gone forever and I missed them.  I pray that the Lord can help me to cherish each moment…to slow down…to enjoy each of these days with my children…to live to the fullest – which means to live a life of gratitude right where I am at each moment.

And just when I need some extra encouragement, Ann provides a wonderful little booklet to print…a booklet to record 7 gifts every day…small enough to fit into your pocket and take with you wherever you go…to capture those precious moments…go print your copy today!

Here are some snapshots from the past couple of weeks…

Naming His Gifts ~ #122 – #131

the wind chimes making music in the wind

reading some new books to the kids…that feed their souls (The King Without a Shadow & The Prince With Dirty Clothes)

turtles at the park

buds on the trees

snow…in March!

another beautiful sunset

a family trip to the park

homemade donuts

owies that need kisses and a bandaid

my little ones asking for books and stories before bed

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  1. Owies that need kisses and bandaids. Don't we all need that sometimes???? I do! Thanks for such great pictures, too! The sycamore tree with the balls --- I have one in my yard and it is just full of new leaves now. Spring is just too beautiful! It was great to be here today! Thank you for letting me in on your list!

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