5 Reasons to Use T-Tapp to Start Exercising Today

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5 Reasons to Use T-Tapp to Start Exercising Today

Ever since I began Trim Healthy Mama, I have been wanting to start exercising on a regular basis. Well, it just never seemed to get done. I would do good for a few days, and then it would fall by the wayside. Recently I decided it was time to commit again to exercising on a regular basis. Here are 5 reasons to use T-Tapp to begin exercising today!

1. It only takes 15 minutes!

That’s right! Probably one of the biggest reasons why I have not exercised in the past is because it took too much time. But the T-Tapp Basic Workout only takes 15 minutes and I am finding that if I just do it first thing in the morning, I don’t even miss those 15 minutes! I also am using a habits app (HabitBull on Android) I downloaded on my phone to keep me accountable. I set it so that I exercise each week day, with the weekends off. Each day it reminds me to exercise and then if I do I mark it done. The motivation is seeing all the days stringing together without a break! Try it!

2. You don’t need any special exercise equipment.

All you need is a TV and DVD player or a laptop to play the DVD on, tennis shoes for your feet, and an open floor to exercise on. You don’t need any weights or special mats! When I was looking into getting into an exercise habit again, I actually looked at purchasing something new, but then I read the fine print and saw that I was going to need to buy some weights, a mat, and some stretch bands — well, I decided to stick with T-Tapp since I had it already and I didn’t have to buy anything else!

3. The DVD is reasonably priced.

I am doing the Basic 15-minute Workout on the Basic Workout Plus DVD. But if you want to see what some of the exercises are, they have a nice “Try before you buy” page on their site. Take a look at some of the exercises and see what you think. The Basic Workout doesn’t have as many exercises as other workouts that T-Tapp offers, but it is enough to give you a good overall workout and get you in fat-burning mode. You can purchase this DVD on Amazon or in the T-Tapp store.

4. Less is more!

Another awesome thing I have learned about T-Tapp is that more exercise isn’t actually better. I am hearing more and more in the health arena that shorter bursts of exercise are actually better for you and do just as much if not more good. I am all for that! You will amazed how great of a workout you get in 15 minutes with T-Tapp.

5. You will begin to feel better.

I have been doing the T-Tapp Basic Workout for 2 full weeks now (I take Saturday and Sunday off) and I can really tell a difference. I hurt my shoulder months ago and have been going to the chiropractor for treatments. He gave me exercises and stretches to do, but I rarely got them done. Guess what? Since I have been doing T-Tapp, my shoulder has been feeling so much better! Overall, I have had more energy and just plain feel better. So while I lost some weight with Trim Healthy Mama, doing T-Tapp daily is making me stronger and feel better.


What about you? What is stopping you from beginning a daily exercise habit? Using T-Tapp removed many of the barriers I faced, and I pray maybe it will be the answer for you as well.

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  1. Have you noticed any significant changes to you body since doing t-tapp? Are you more toned like she says? I purchased SO many dvds in the past. I'm just wondering how it's been going before I order another one. Thanks!
    1. Hi Kristen, What appealed to me with T-Tapp is that I got the workout that was only 15 minutes long. Since that time, many more fitness experts have come out with similar workouts that are shorter and are supposed to actually be better for you. Another thing I liked about T-Tapp is that you don't have to have any weights or other equipment. If you do T-Tapp regularly, you will be more toned, but the focus is strengthening your core muscles. Also, you won't bulk up with large muscles either, because you aren't actually lifting weights at all. I am considering trying out the THM Workins DVDs too. It sounds like people are having a lot of fun with them and getting a good workout too. I like the element of "fun" that the sisters in to it. I hope that helps!
  2. It's good to see another THMer using T-Tapp! I actually came the other direction, from T-Tapp to THM, but they go together like a hand in glove! It's true that it only takes 15 minutes, but I would encourage you (if you haven't) to take a week and a little more time each day during that week to do the instructional part of the workout. Teresa give so much information in this part of any of her videos and it also gives your body time to really get the brain body connection. Happy T-Tapping!
    1. Thanks for the tip Karen! I will make a point to go back and watch the instructional video off and on. I know it really helps to get those reminders on form, etc. Happy T-tapping to you too!
  3. I had been doing T-Tapp just from the book, but have recently got out of the habit, and have wanted to get back into it at the same time as restarting Trim Healthy Mama, so thank you for the timely encouragement!
    1. Hi Rachel! Sure thing -- the app is called HabitBull. I'll add this in the post! Here is the link to the app in the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oristats.habitbull

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