My Summer “To Do” List

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We wrapped up our regular homeschool schedule last week and are now looking forward to a revised summer schedule. As I begin to make my “to do” list for what I would like to accomplish this summer, the Lord has really impressed on me the need to give much attention to our relationships…with the Lord and with each other.

Maybe it is just our family, but when some of the “busyness” of the homeschool year comes to an end, when there is more free time to play and explore, there seems to be more relationship problems as well! You know what I am talking about…the short tempers, the arguing, the whining, the pestering, and on and on.

The Lord is showing me that sometimes our “busyness” masks what is really in our hearts. When some of that “busyness” is gone, what is in our hearts comes out. I am seeing that what we choose to do with our free time is an indication of our heart’s condition.

* How self-disciplined am I?
* How intentional will I be?
* Are my priorities right?
* Do I exercise self-control or allow the flesh to reign?

While I will be accomplishing (Lord willing) many things this summer, including planning for next school year, doing some decluttering in the house, and working on some more home business projects, this is the “to do” list that will be my main focus:

* Play games together as a family to encourage healthy relationships and good sportsmanship
* Encourage each of my children to explore areas of interest through reading and projects
* Take time to focus on the hearts of my children…their attitudes, intentions, and motivations
* Work on instilling good habits, especially following a daily routine and taking responsibility for daily chores (with a good attitude!…myself included!)
* Slow down and enjoy my children…really get to know them
* Spend lots of time talking and laughing together

What about you?  Have you made your “to do” list for this summer?  What will your priorities be?

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  1. Like you, I am wanting to focus more on relationships. I'm at a different, and sometimes challenging, point in life-- with just teens at home now. It is not as easy to engage teens in activities; but I want to be available to them and supporting them in what they are doing. For me, a goal is to get projects completed for various endeavors I'm working on, but not so focused on these things that I have no balance-- need to pay attention to cooking and household things, and also interact with/be there to listen to and be perceptive of my husband and teens.
    1. Diane, thanks for your note. Praying that you will find that balance this summer and that it can be intentional and productive for you! Have a great day!@
  2. Thanks so much for this, Sheri. I love how you get to the heart of the matter on your blog. Hope you have a wonderful summer!
    1. You are welcome Bridget! This is where I want my blog to be...being intentional in all I do! You have a blessed summer too!
  3. Love this! Noticed the same in our family. We just took two weeks off while the hubby was between Spring and Summer teaching. A lot more pestering going on for sure and lots of attitudes came out. Definitely something we need to work on. I've been thinking about using some character training curricula I found free online and starting to work on that over the summer. I think we can all use a refresher in that area. Praying God Blesses us both in our summer accomplishment plans!
    1. Thank you for sharing Janee! It is encouraging to know there are others who are on this same path. And yes...praying we both have a productive summer! Blessings to you and your family.

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