Making birthdays special

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Due to the sickness that ran through our family last week, we had to postpone my daughter’s 20th birthday party until this past Saturday.  But it turned out ok…my daughter found this neat cake idea on a blog and so we had a fun time assembling this piano cake for her party!  She loved it!

Here is a close up for you…


If you want to make this cake, I baked two 9×13 inch cakes, cut one in half and set it on top of the other.  I then frosted the whole cake with chocolate frosting (homemade of course!).  To make the white piano keys, I took those vanilla wafer cookies and dipped them in vanilla candy coating to make them white.  The dark piano keys are some of those chocolate covered graham sticks.

Each year I try to come up with a fun birthday cake idea that reflects my child’s talents or interests.  I have done a princess cake, a football cake, a golf course cake, a train cake, a semi truck cake, a fire engine cake, a basketball cake, a heart cake, a ballet cake, and probably more that I am forgetting about :).

This is just one way that I try to make my family’s birthdays special.

How about you?  Do you make “special cakes” for your birthdays?  If so…what kinds have you made?

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  1. I love fun cakes. I made a clown cake when my girls were little with frosting clowns sitting in the cake, on the side of the cake, and laying down on the cake. They loved it!

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