Living a life of purpose…the right purpose!

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Living a life of purpose...the RIGHT purpose!

This week in our history studies, we have been reading a book called Boy of the Pyramids – A Mystery of Ancient Egypt. It has been fun as we are studying through Genesis and Exodus to read some historical fiction along with it. We have really been able to grasp a better feel for what life would have been like back then.

Well, in reading Boy of the Pyramids this week, we read about how the Pharaoh of Egypt had many people not only working on building the great pyramid that would be his tomb, but he also had many people making some beautiful things like pots, vases, jewels, and pieces made of gold and silver. These beautiful artifacts were to be placed in the pyramid as treasures to take to the after life.

I got to thinking about this some more – about how all the work making such beautiful things was really pointless because they were not making them for the right purpose. They were deceived into thinking that these beautiful treasures could be taken with them after they die. And SO much time and resources were being poured into the making of these things…consuming so many of their lives. And for what reason.

Don’t we do the very same thing? How can we be sure that we are living lives of purpose?

1. Evaluate. Take a look at what consumes your time, energy, and resources and evaluate the reasons you are doing those things. Many times we only take a look at what we are doing and not also at the reasons we are doing it. There was nothing wrong with what the Egyptians were doing (making these beautiful artifacts) but the problem was the reason or the purpose for which they were making them.

Are there things in your life that you are doing for all the wrong reasons? Are your activities fulfilling a purpose? Is that purpose born out of your relationship with Jesus or out of your own desires?

2. Adjust. Once you have taken the time to evaluate your activities, it is time to adjust – allow the Holy Spirit to show you if there are activities that need to go or if your mindset needs to change. Maybe you need to back up a little and seek the Lord for His purpose, then add back in activities only as they line up with that purpose.

3. Live a life of purpose! Now your time will not be spent in vain. You will be living a life of purpose. No longer will your time, energy, and resources be consumed with activities that don’t matter.

I love it when the Lord uses our reading times to teach me lessons.

What lessons has the Lord been teaching you?

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