Magic School Bus Science Kits (My Review!)

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In December I ordered the Magic School Bus Science Kits and set it up to begin in January. Since we have already worked through the first kit, I thought I’d do a bit of a review and share what we are liking about it so far.

Like I said, we just finished the first kit since we started in January. The next kit should be coming soon! It really was fun and the kids enjoyed it. Here are some of the things we are loving about the kits…

1. I love the fact that most everything you need is in the kit so you are ready to go with the experiments when you want to add them to your day. This first kit had 7 experiments, so we did about 2 per week to spread them over the month.

2. I also love that you receive an email when the next kit is about to ship. This email tells you what is coming in the next kit, and also gives you a shopping list for things you need to have on hand at home that were not included in the kit. For January we needed a few things — cornstarch, a plastic bottle, vinegar. But I loved getting that email ahead of time, so I just added to my shopping list the things I didn’t already have. Then when the kit came I was all ready with everything we needed.

I am using the kits with my three younger children (age 8, 9, and 12). They all loved helping do the experiments and my older son (16) usually watched and enjoyed it too. I bought a small tub with a lid that the kits go in, so when it is science experiment time I just pull out the tub and gather what we need and go for it! Last week we made slime and a bouncy ball. It was fun!

My kids were really missing the hands on science, so this has worked perfectly for that. The kit coming this month is on magnets, so we are pretty excited about that one too.

If you are interested in the Magic School Bus Science Kits, they are currently still on a special sale over at Educents!

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