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Some GOOD summertime reading

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I thought I would share some of the books we are reading this summer.  Even though our regular homeschool schedule changes for the summer months, one thing stays in place…our read-aloud time!  We just enjoy this time too much to NOT do it over the summer.  Here are some of the books we are reading…

A while back I was able to download the Jed Cartwright Series when they were being offered as free ebook downloads on the author’s website.  This series is currently being republished by a different publisher.  The ebooks are not currently available, but Book 1 is now available in softcover format, with the rest to follow.

I had totally forgotten about these ebooks and recently found them when looking through some files on my computer.  So, I loaded the PDFs on my Kindle and we started reading them during our read-aloud time in the afternoon.  We have read this first book already and are on the second.  These are mystery type adventure books, with Godly characters and the Gospel clearly presented in each book.  I can’t recommend these enough!

If you are looking for some good reading this summer, then check out this book!  I promise that you and your kids will be anxiously awaiting the release of the next books in the series.  They are just excellent!

The author, Ed Dunlop, is offering a couple of his other books as free ebook downloads!  Click here to download these for FREE!

What about you?  What are you and the kids reading this summer?

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