Free 900-Page Lapbook and Unit Study on The Book of Virtues

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Every now and then, I run across a freebie that is just so amazing that I have to share it! If you want to teach your children character qualities, you have to check out this amazing free ebook that goes along with the book, Book of Virtues.

Free 900-Page Lapbook and Unit Study on the Book of Virtues

You will need to purchase Book of Virtues, if you don’t already own it. Then you can use this free ebook to print out lapbooks and printables to go along with it!

If you go to the Shiver Academy website, you can download the complete ebook in one file, or download separate files on each character quality.

A wonderful way to use these resources, is to take one character quality a month and work through the unit study and printables together. Whether you homeschool or not, this is a great resource to use with your children!

Go check it out today!

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  1. Thank You!! My 4 (non-special ed) students ages 13,13,14 & 16 need this right now. Attitudes are everything :o) School work isn't just about The three Rs!
  2. We used this one year. It worked great for our wide age range, and we really enjoyed the stories.

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