3 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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Books Read This Week - 06-03

I missed posting my reading progress last week because it was a crazy week and I didn’t get much reading done. This week was a little better and I was able to get in more reading time. For those that have been praying for my Dad, I am excited to report that he is recovering very well after surgery – praise the Lord! In addition to recovering well, all the tests confirmed that the cancer was contained and was able to be removed! Thank you so much for praying for him and my mom as they walked through this difficult time in their lives. It means so much to me! My readers are the best!

Today Bob and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary! I love this man God gave me more today than the day I married him! I am so very thankful for a Godly husband who loves me in spite of all my faults.

Ok, enough about me! Here are the books I finished and the ones that I plan on reading this coming week.

3 Books I Finished This Week

Honey for a Child's Heart

Honey for a Child’s Heart – I finally got through the first half of this book (the last half are all the book lists) and it was very encouraging. There are so many benefits of reading to our children, and this book cemented that more and more in my own heart. If you are struggling with spending time reading to your children or just don’t know where to begin, grab this book! It will help you get going. I recently took a trip to the library to get more books to read to my younger ones and I took this book along with me. It was so great having this resource and made it so much easier knowing that I was checking out some really great books to read to them.

Confessions of a De-Cluttering Junkie

Confessions of a De-cluttering Junkie – Boy, this book was good. It inspired me, stepped on my toes, made me laugh, made my cry. It was that good! This book is the story of a woman who set out to change her life by de-cluttering her home. What she didn’t realize was that she had many lessons to learn along the way. This was another great book by Chautona Havig!

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park – This was a short ebook by Kathy Jo DeVore. You can receive it free when you sign up for her newsletter list. This book was a huge encouragement to me as I begin planning for next year’s homeschool. It takes a good look at what education really is and how to teach your children well. I loved it!

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

A Girl of the Limberlost – This is the current book we are reading in our afternoon read-aloud times. The copy I have is the one that was passed down to me from my grandparents — copyright 1909! We have really been enjoying it and look forward to reading more this week! This book is also included in my Read-Aloud Treasury Vol. 5 on Kindle!

Island of the Blue Dolphins – This is our current read-aloud I am reading to the kids at breakfast. It has been really good so far.

Large Family Homeschooling – I was able to get this book by my friend, Amy Roberts, in one of the bundles I purchased in the big Build Your Bundle sale that just ended. I have been wanting to read this one for quite a while now and am excited to finally have it!

Pride and Prejudice – Believe it or not, I have never read any of Jane Austen’s books. I decided it was time I tried one! This was FREE on Kindle too!

For the Children’s Sake -I am still making my way slowly through this book and really enjoying it. There is a lot to think about as I read, so it is taking me longer than I thought to finish.

Own Your Life – I am currently studying through this book with a friend. We read a chapter a week and then discuss together via email or Skype. This study has been so good and I highly recommend it!


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