IHP 028: Tips for Drinking More Daily (Habits Series)

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This is Episode #028 and we are continuing our series about habits.

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My Notes:

We all know that “drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily” is a common health tip. We know! But putting that into reality is sometimes a challenge.

Today I want to give you some tips that have helped me make sure that I am getting enough fluids each day, as well as share some links to some beverage recipes you may want to try. 

Tip #1: Drink a large glass of water when you first wake up.

I know, I know. Many of us want to grab that first cup of coffee in the morning. But the first tip I want to share is simply to fill a large glass with water and drink it down when you first wake up. Before you eat or drink anything else. 

Not only are you giving your body what it needs to get its systems stimulated and moving, but you will have your first big glass of water in for the day!

Tip #2: Set reminders to drink water.

If you have the ability to set reminders on your phone or computer, then set a reminder for late morning, middle of the afternoon, and early evening. The reminder will simply say “Drink a glass of water”.

Most of us will drink something with our meals, but just drinking with our meals isn’t enough to get our fluids in for the day. Setting these reminders throughout the day helps you to get into a habit of drinking water.

Once you have this habit in place, you can do away with the reminders. 

Tip #3: Add some yummy beverages to your day!

While drinking water is really good for you, it is ok and beneficial to add in some other healthy beverages to give you some variety. Since we want this to be a life-long habit, adding in some different things to drink will help this be something that you can sustain for the long-term.

If you have a hard time guzzling down a whole glass of water at a time, then making up one of these healthy drinks in a quart jar and sipping on it throughout the day might be for you!

My Version of Good Girl Moonshine – This is a modified version of the Trim Healthy Mama recipe for Good Girl Moonshine. I love the berry tea in this drink and the apple cider vinegar gives it a huge health boost and the “zing” that makes this drink delicious!

Singing Canary Dry Drink & Dry Mix – This drink is full of healthy stuff to boost your immune system! I love to make a quart of this and sip on it during the day. Yum! This recipe includes how to make up a batch of dry mix to keep in the refrigerator or freezer. Then when you want to mix up a quart of this drink, it goes together quickly and easily. 

Healthy Lemonade – This is a very simple drink to make with just three ingredients: water, lemon juice, and Lemon Drop Stevia. I make this every day to put in my husband’s lunch and he loves it. When I get tired of water, I will just add some lemon juice and a squirt of the stevia to a glass, fill with water and ice and drink. Yum!

Tip #4: Track how much you are drinking.

This one might not be for everyone, but if you are really struggling to get enough fluids in, keeping track might help you.

I did this for a while when I was getting this habit into place. I simply put a tally mark in my daily journal every time I drank a glass of water. It helped me not have to remember if I drank enough, and motivated me to keep drinking to get my “8 glasses” in!

Tip #5: Just do your best!

Life happens and we won’t get 8 glasses of fluids in each and every day. Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself grace. Each day is a new day to start fresh. I always tell myself during those times when I don’t meet my goal for the day, that more than likely I still drank more than I would have had I not been working on that habit at all.

As I close, I want to encourage you to work on this habit of drinking water daily. Have fun with it! Buy yourself a pretty drinking glass or water bottle to use. Mix up some of the healthy beverages I shared in this podcast and know that you are doing something that is good for you!

Next time…

In the next podcast I will be continuing the habit series. We will be talking about fixing healthy meals and snacks for ourselves and our families.

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