How to Plan Your Homeschool for December {TONS of Great Ideas!} [Video]

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How to Plan Your Homeschool for December

I just love this time of year as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas — all the extra fun family activities to do together like decorating, making cookies, caroling, shopping, giving gifts, doing Advent readings, and so much more. But with the extra fun that we look forward to during the month of December, we also struggle with feeling like we have to keep up our normal homeschool schedule. I’m here to tell you there is a better way! Join me as we talk about how to plan your homeschool for December.

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Books to Read:

Advent Books:

Christmas Activities:

Unit Studies:

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  1. Although I cannot watch your videos live due to being in a different time zone, I really appreciate you making them available to watch later too. Thank you for the book recommendations :-)

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