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A Little of Everything {my life, THM recipes to try, new book to read, math, keeping journals, and more!}

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I was trying to figure out what to write about today and had lots of things running through my head to share. So this is going to be a hodge podge of sharing a peek into what is going on in my life, some online fun and recommendations, and more. I hope you enjoy something different today!


Spring Break?

Many schools are off on Spring Break this week. The weather is beautiful and I’m sure many kids are enjoying the week off. I don’t plan our homeschool schedule around the public school schedule, so we are not off this week. When I planned our schedule for this year, I set it up so we have about 6 or 7 weeks of school, then 1 week off. I really like doing it this way as it gives us good chunks of time to get lots of our school work done, but yet gives us good breaks throughout the year.

The kids have been enjoying time outside though. They love to ride bikes, play in a little tee pee that my parents picked up at a flea market, play basketball, play golf, and just explore. Now that the weather is turning warmer, it is making me anxious to get working in the flower beds and cleaning up outside. I love spring and summer and all the pretty that comes with it!

March Madness!

Yes, our family is into watching college basketball, especially during the NCAA tournament! It is kind of a family tradition that we all fill out a bracket before the games begin (tonight!), and then as the games progress we highlight the games we guessed right. After the tournament is all over, we calculate who got the most games right and then we have a special prize for them. It is lots of fun! If you are interested, you can print out brackets here!

New Book by Chautona Havig!

Chautona has a brand new book, Corner Booth, releasing today on Amazon! You can bet that this is going on my “to buy” list to pick up very soon! I just love Chautona’s books and have learned so much about living life, the challenges we face as Christians, and how to overcome with Jesus’ strength. I highly recommend any of Chautona’s books!

New Trim Healthy Mama Recipes to Try!

I love trying new recipes and here are a couple I wanted to point out:

Budget Friendly THM Recipes – This isn’t just one recipe, but a list of many to try! Not only are they THM friendly, but they are budget friendly! Yeah!

Trim Healthy Mama Easy E Tuna Sandwich – I love tuna sandwiches and am definitely going to try this one today for lunch. I don’t have any Ezekiel bread, but I think I’ll just whip up some S bread using my Bread Master Mix and that should work fine.  I know it will make the meal an S, but that’s ok. The filling is more FP so it will work.

Math – Making It Real!

Over the years, I have struggled with making math more than just the memorizing of a bunch of facts and formulas. Many times I have heard my children say, “Mom, when am I ever going to use this?” Most of the time I just tell them it is something we have to get through as a requirement for school. I know there has to be a better way!

Recently I ran across a great blog series on looking at math differently. The newest post is titled, “Read Your Way to a Love of Math” 50 Titles for Ages 4-12″. You’ll have to check out the other posts in the series as well! They are linked in this post.

A while back I shared a video and article on A Different Perspective on Math that you might want to check out.

Some other great resources you may want to look into are listed in this post: Living Math in Your Homeschool.

Last I want to share some videos that my kids love – Mathtacular!

Keeping Journals {You and Your Kids!}

Keeping a journal is a fun way to record family memories, thoughts, lessons learned, etc. Here is a great post on how to get your kids started with journaling: Keeping Journals: 5 Ways Your Kids Can Start Now.

I have several resources that can be used for journaling. The Intentional Journal is a great way to start journaling, as each journal entry is only a short half-page long, making it easy to fill each day.

For children, I have the Draw & Write series: Draw & Write – A Journal for Children, Draw & Write – A Gratitude Journal for Children (girl version), and Draw & Write – A Gratitude Journal for Children (boy version).

A Fun Home Business Podcast!

A while back I was introduced to Brilliant Business Moms and have really been enjoying their podcasts. If you have a home business, you will enjoy checking out their whole series of podcasts. The most recent one is titled, “How to Write, Edit, and Launch an Ebook”.  I can’t wait to get it downloaded and listen!


I know this post has been a bit different, but sometimes I have so many little things to share and making a separate post for each seems silly. Hopefully you have enjoyed it! Have a blessed day!

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