Help Your Kids Learn the Multiplication Facts With Stories!

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Times Tales

I think one of the most difficult areas that us homeschoolers struggle with, is helping our kids learn the multiplication facts. For some reason, the multiplication facts seem to be the hardest because even though they understand what multiplication is, getting the facts memorized doesn’t always come easy.

But I am finding that unless our kids have these memorized well, higher math is going to be very difficult for them. As I talked about in my video on how to plan your homeschool for December, you may want to consider doing some sort of informal math over the holidays. I talked about incorporating some math games into your days to review math facts. Well, another option would be to grab this set from Times Tales and work through it together!

Times Tales teaches the upper multiplication facts through stories. It truly is amazing!

Watch this video so you can see how it works:

If this looks like something that would help your child get those facts down, you can grab this set for 33% off at Educents!

Go check it out today!

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  1. I really appreciate your post, because I was very poor in math in my childhood. thanks to upgrading technology, it's not gonna continue with my child. even I don't need to force them to learn math etc. I know that they would love to learn something new from those kind of video you have.

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