Can brothers and sisters really be best friends?

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As I shared in a previous post, one of my focuses for this summer is cultivating and encouraging healthy relationships in our family. This morning as I was glancing over our bookshelves looking for resources to use for next school year, I ran across this book from the Mallys. I had bought Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends way back when my oldest two were a lot younger. I had forgotten about it until this morning.

I decided to pull it out again to look over and consider reading through with my children again. I also remembered a friend of mine (hi Karin!) mention that her kids really enjoyed the DVD that went along with this book. So I have decided to purchase the DVD and schedule some time each day this summer to read through this book and enjoy the DVD together.

Sometimes it is so easy to fall into the false assumption that if we just fill our kids’ lives with all sorts of outside activities that they will learn to “get along” with other kids. But it really starts at home and learning how to treat your family with love and respect.

How my sons treats their sisters is a reflection of how they will treat their wives some day.  How my daughters treat their brothers is a good reflection of how they will treat their husbands some day.

What better place is there to learn how to treat one another in love, honor, and respect, than in the family unit! Yet it seems that that is probably one of the hardest things to do. Why is that? I think it is because Satan knows that if he can destroy relationships within the family, he can get a foothold to do so much more damage in people’s lives.

Anyone want to join me in focusing on relationships this summer?

I highly recommend the Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends book and DVD!

Let’s encourage one another as we seek His best for our family relationships!


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  1. Hi Sheri! :) I would love to join you in focusing on relationships this summer! It is so funny that you should post this because just last week I saw this book on our shelf and realized that we hadn't read the book, only watched the DVD. My kids also greatly enjoyed the Mallys' workshops at a homeschool convention we attended. ;) I had also purchased then the coloring books so my younger one or two can color along while we are discussing the ideas in the book. I like what you said about how our children treat their siblings influences or can influence how they treat their future spouse. My husband often tells my son, who is the youngest, that he is the protector of his sisters...of their persons, of their hearts, of their feelings, etc. He tells him he is not to bully or (as is more often the case as the LITTLE brother lol) he is not to be a pest trying to irritate them, but to love and protect them. I think this is good training for how he is to treat his wife and children one day...he will be their protector as well. Thanks for the post and the reminder. :)
    1. Thanks for sharing Karin! Your husband is so right...makes me realize even more the importance of relationship...not only with each other, but with Jesus. Vital!!! Have a great day!

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