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How to Organize Your DVDs and Audio CDs + FREE Dramatized Kids Bible!

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How to Organized Your DVDs and Audio CDs + FREE Dramatized Kids Bible

A week or so ago when I was reading the book, Confessions of a De-Cluttering Junkie, I got a great tip for how to save space and organize my DVDs and Audio CDs. In the book, she bought CD holder pages that fit into a binder. I found these pages near where the blank CDs and DVDs area in the electronics section at Walmart.

Then instead of buying the big expensive case that these go into, I found a photo album in the scrapbooking section that fit these pages. These CD pages are more square and don’t fit in a regular sized 3-ring binder. The holes fit, but the size of the pages didn’t fit. This photo album worked perfectly!

I was so excited to go home and start organizing some of our DVDs and CDs. My goal was to make more room on my shelves by taking the DVDs out of the cases and storing them in this binder. I also was focusing more on our homeschool resources too, not any other DVDs that we own. As I have shared before, we use a ton of DVDs in our homeschool, and I was excited to have a better way to organize them and save space at the same time.

I ended up not putting as many of our homeschool DVDs in this binder because there was information on the cases that I didn’t want to give up. I did put the Moody Science series (19 DVDs) in the binder though, as well as a ton of history audio CDs. Some of these audio CDs I had bought over the years, and others were ones I had bought digitally and created my own CDs.

I was excited to be able to get these into the binder. Sometimes I buy digital mp3 audios online or get them for free, and then forget that I have them. Now I have the CDs in the binder where I can find them and remember to use them.

Another item I placed in this binder is a CD with some ebooks that I purchased for history. A while back I had purchased the complete Trailblazer books as PDF files. Now this CD has a place in this binder as well!

Not only did I put audio CDs in there (history, Bible, science, etc.), but I also included some for my own personal use. I included some video (mp4) files on DVD that I had bought on homeschooling, as well as some audio CDs from a homeschool conference I went to a couple years ago. Now I have these in one place (instead of stuck in my computer drawer) and I can pull them out and play them when I want to.

One of the neat things I found as I was going through my online files to burn to CD or DVD to include in my binder, was a really neat dramatized kids Bible!

Kidz Audio Bible

The Kidz, Children’s ESV Audio Bible is a special thought for thought translation of the most loved lesson teaching Bible stories. This version is filled with songs and animated voice characterizations that provide a joyful listening experience for the young and the old. What is neat about this FREE audio Bible, is that you can either listen online OR you can download the complete audio Bible in a zip file! I thought I would mention this in case you haven’t heard of this resource before!

What you need to organize your DVDs & CDs

  1. CD/DVD holder pages
  2. A Binder that fits the pages
  3. Time to transfer CDs and DVDs to the binder pages
  4. Time to go through your computer and make copies of audio, video, or ebook files onto CD or DVD

What about you?

Do you have a bunch of CDs or DVDs that are gathering dust? Do you have some great resources hidden away on your computer that you forgot about? Maybe using these binder pages in a binder would work for you and help you better use the resources that you have.

Happy organizing!

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  1. The link for the free audio Bible doesn't work. I found it by Googling it but here is the correct link: http://www.kjvaudiobible.net/KIDZ%20Bible/Kidz%20Audio%20Bible.html
  2. I have been planning to do this for several months. Over the years, I have removed nearly all of our DVDs and CDs from their original containers (to save space), but we have too many different disk cases. I would like to sort everything into one large binder. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
    1. That's great Cara! I want to organize the pages better and add dividers (print out cardstock paper with a label across the top and put in a sheet protector - the regular size sheet protectors stick out at the top and bottom a little). I can then label the different sections - history, science, Bible, literature, Mom, etc. I'm glad I inspired you!

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