One of my favorite homeschool resources: The Child’s Story Bible

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The Child's Story Bible

Quite a few years back I was blessed to find a copy of The Child’s Story Bible in a local used book store. I was beyond excited to have a copy of my own after reading so many rave reviews of this book.

Over the years as I have used many different resources for our Bible time, I keep coming back to this one. This is not a watered down children’s version of the Bible. It always frustrates me when I read children’s Bible story books that stray from what the Bible really says. The Child’s Story Bible stays true to Scripture and tells the story in a way that children (and adults) love!

Catherine Vos has done a wonderful job of weaving in commentary about the stories and how they apply to our lives too. I love it!

This year we have been studying Ancient History, beginning with Creation and Ancient Egypt. I have used The Child’s Story Bible to read through the stories together with the kids during breakfast. It has been perfect for us. We are all learning so much as we study these portions of the Bible together.

If you are searching for a resource to read to your children, I highly recommend The Child’s Story Bible. Whether you are looking for something to enhance your Bible study time, or your history studies, or a great family read-aloud, this one fits the bill.

Click here to get your copy of The Child’s Story Bible today!

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  1. We love The Child's Story Bible. We are on our second copy now. My 16 year old daughter took our first copy and put it away in her hope chest for her children. :) It is such a wonderful book!

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