Evaporated Milk Substitute

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Since many of you will probably be making some pumpkin pies sometime during the next week or so, I thought I would post an easy substitute for evaporated milk.  This is so easy to make.  Did you know that evaporated milk is simply fresh milk that has had about 60% of its water content removed?  Knowing this little fact makes this recipe make sense!  You are just mixing up a concentrated milk mixture using non-fat dry milk and water!  Here is the recipe…


  • 2/3 cup non-fat dry milk powder
  • 3/4 cup water

Mix the water and dry milk powder together.  Then use in place of evaporated milk in any recipe.

Yield:  1 cup (8 ounces)

Note:  Since most pumpkin pie recipes I have seen call for a 12 oz. can of evaporated milk, you will need 1 1/2 cups of this homemade evaporated milk substitute.  Simply double the recipe and you will have enough to make 1 batch of pumpkin pies….triple the recipe and have enough for 2 batches!

Happy baking!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I am wanting to make an old family recipe, Sunday Pudding, but it uses evaporated canned milk. I just started THM coming from a keto diet. This is very helpful! Thanks again!

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