Homemade Brown Sugar

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I was making a batch of chocolate chip cookies and trying to convert the recipe to be more healthy. I already substituted whole wheat flour for the white flour, but was trying to figure out what to do about the brown sugar. I substituted some organic cane sugar for the granulated sugar, but wasn’t sure what to do with the brown sugar. I did a search on the internet and came up with a recipe to make your own brown sugar! Here is the recipe:


To make homemade brown sugar, mix the following together:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar (I used the organic cane sugar)
  • 1-2 Tablespoons molasses (adjust this to your taste)

It is that easy…and it works!

You can either mix this ahead of time and store it in a container, or just dump the sugar and molasses into the recipe. That is what I did with the cookies I was making and they turned out great!

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  1. I always cut the sugar in choc chip recipe to just the brown sugar and I don't pack it in either. Pastry flour or rice flour works nicely but u may want to gradually do this as it DOES taste/feel/look different. I have tried reducing the butter, but u can't much do 2 it and have them be right, at least to me. The little amt I can reduce it isn't worth it to mess with IMO. Cookies are a treat! like cake; I don't sweat the healthiness so much...they're a rarity. Muffins and granola/brkfst kind of bars and quick breads---now those u want not too sweet....muffins dont need any fat either if u eat them that day or meal....really...try it a la Sue Gregg. And/or applesauce or other mashed fruits helps with the reduced fat too.

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