Declutter Challenge Update: Junk Drawer, Pots & Pans, and more!

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Declutter in 2015

I can’t believe another week has flown by! But — I did get some more decluttering done! Yeah! We are still in the kitchen this week and working on cleaning out some more drawers, pots and pans, and under the sink.

Doing these small decluttering challenges each day is really helping me stay motivated to get this done. I get overwhelmed easy it seems and if I just have small jobs to do at a time — ones I can cross off and feel I have accomplished something! — then it keeps me motivated to keep going.

This is kind of scary, but now for some pictures…


This is our “junk” drawer in the kitchen. As you can see, the name really fits it! This is what it looked like before…


…and here is what it looked like afterwards.  Much better!


This is our foil/wax paper/plastic wrap drawer.  It wasn’t too bad, but needed some straightening up.


This is what it looks like now…much nicer!


I didn’t have too much work to do in my pots and pans drawer. I pulled everything out, cleaned out the drawer, swept and cleaned under the stove (no pictures…too gross!), and then put everything back. The before and after pictures look pretty much the same, it is just a lot cleaner!

This week I am working more in the kitchen — cleaning cupboards and food areas. Watch for that update next week!

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