Declutter Challenge Update: Kitchen drawers and counters!

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Declutter in 2015

This week the focus was on the kitchen drawers and counters. I cleaned the potholder drawer, the silverware drawer, the kitchen utensils, drawer, the kitchen towel drawer, and the counter tops. I am almost embarrassed to share these pictures, but keep in mind that we had been sick this week so I was a little behind on dishes and cleaning up. I want to be real with you though, and share my life like it is — the good and the bad!

Ok, here it goes – some before and after pictures…


Potholder drawer before..


…and after!


The silverware drawer before…


…and after!


My kitchen counters were a mess…so embarrassed!


Almost every inch was covered with clutter or dirty dishes…


What a mess it was!


Oh…this feels much better!


Clean space and shiny sink! It felt so good to get it all cleaned up and clutter free again. This week I will be working on the cabinets. I have a huge kitchen with lots of cabinets, so this will be a big job. But I love that each day is just a small task so it makes it less overwhelming.

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How did you do with your decluttering this past week?

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