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A manners book + free math and language arts worksheets + free software to convert Youtube videos to mp3!

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Today was supposed to be my Decluttering Challenge Update post, but I forgot to take before and after pictures of what I accomplished last week. With my oldest son’s help, we cleaned off the tops of the refrigerator and upright freezer. My son actually did all the cleaning, as I hurt my shoulder and was supposed to be resting it as much as possible. He got everything off the top and cleaned really good, then I sorted out what few things I wanted put back and either threw away or found other places for the rest.

This week I am going to work on organizing my cookbooks and recipe books and finish cleaning out all the kitchen drawers. Should be fun! I’ll remember to take pictures this time!

I wanted to share with you a few things I found around the web this past week!

Neat Book on Manners

Manners Made Easy

Manners Made Easy for the Family by June Hines Moore is a wonderful book to read through together as a family. I love finding books like this that have short chapters that can be read aloud in one sitting. This book would work perfectly as a read aloud after a meal, while everyone is sitting down together. I am considering adding this to our read aloud time during breakfast a couple days a week.

Need Some Math Worksheets or Instructional Videos?

I found a really neat site that has all kinds of math worksheets you can generate, math printables, charts, and more! Check out Math-Aids.com for a huge assortment of math worksheets you and generate and print.


They also have a sister site with instructional math videos – MrXMath.com. What is neat about this site is that they pair instructional videos with worksheets from Math-Aids.com! This is an amazing resource you really need to check out today!

The greatest part about both of these sites, is that they are totally FREE!  You can pay for ad-free version, but it isn’t necessary. Enjoy!

How About Some Language Arts Worksheets!

K12Reader.com has tons of worksheets for beginning readers, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and composition!


Not only do they have worksheets to print, but they have things like book lists, reward certificates, charts, and tons of articles to read! Check out K12Reader.com today — it is all FREE!

Want to Convert Youtube Videos to mp3 files?

I am so excited about this one! You can download the free 4K Video Downloader and use it to do quite a few different things.  But one of the features it has is that it allows you to turn videos (Youtube, Vimeo) into high quality mp3 files!

4k Video Downloader

This is great for audiobooks or music that you can find on Youtube. You can easily convert them to mp3 files and burn your own CDs or load them on your mobile devices to listen to. I am working on converting the Little House audiobooks to mp3 so I can load them onto my kids’ mp3 players for them to listen to if they want. How fun!

Besides creating mp3 files, here is the complete list of features this software will do:

  • Download entire playlists and channels from YouTube and save them in MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3G, generate .m3u file for playlists.
  • Download video in HD 1080p, HD 720p or 4K quality and enjoy high dimension video on your HD TV, iPad or other devices.
  • Advanced subtitles download, select if you would like to have .srt file or embedd subtitles in video file to watch it on your Mac for example.
  • Activate “Smart Mode” in order to apply the selected settings to all your downloads, easy and fast.
  • Download video in 3D format, you will find a small special icon among available formats after video parsing. It’s really impressive to watch live shows and cartoons in 3D.
  • Download embedded YouTube videos from any web pages, just copy/paste link and the program will find the source of download.
  • Download video and audio from Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and DailyMotion.
  • Use 4K Video Downloader on your PC, Mac or Linux, doesn’t matter what OS you prefer.

Are you as excited as I am? Go now and download 4K Video Downloader today for free!


Hope you enjoyed this hodge podge of fun from around the web! Have a wonderful day!

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