Countdown to Christmas {Week 10: Meal Making & Decorating Week}

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{free} Countdown to Christmas

Reminder: These Weekly To Do lists are directly from The 12-Week Holiday Planner. Those of you who have purchased The Holiday Planner will have all the forms that go along with the To Do Lists. If you have not purchased the planner, then you will need to make your own forms or buy your own copy!

Week 10: Meal Making & Decorating Week 

[  ] Prepare Some Freezer Meals! Prepare some favorite meals to put in the freezer for the hectic days ahead.  Turn to your Freezer Meals list & Recipe Cards (filed under the Holiday Menus & Recipes section) and use it to check off as you complete dishes and put them in the freezer.  Keep this list handy so you know what dishes you have in the freezer.  Cross them off as you use them during the holiday season.

[  ]  Holiday Baking! Turn to your List of Baked Items to Share/Give Away and the Holiday Baking Recipes (filed under the Holiday Baking section) and use to check off as you complete baked goods and put them in the freezer.  Note:  You already had one Holiday Baking Day, so take note of what you have in the freezer already!  You may not want all your baked goods to go in the freezer now.  Make sure you do some holiday baking for your own family to enjoy, as well as finishing up baking for others.

[  ]  Decorate for Christmas! Involve children in memory making!  Use the calendar page provided to plan some special things to do with your children this week.  See my list for some ideas!

Accountability:  Once you have completed this list, come back here and tell us about it! Let’s encourage each other to plug away at these “to do’s” now so that our holidays can be less stressful and more focused on Jesus!

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  1. What great ideas Sheri! You seem so organized:) I bet this helps immensely during such a busy time of the year:) Thanks for the ideas. I love freezing stuff, and my freezer is full of THM breads, muffins and individual bags of roasted turkey for the week. These things help out so much, and I love seeing other people who do the same:)
    1. Hi Heather! It does help to be organized, although I don't always follow my own plan to the "t" :). So glad you are enjoying the holidays the THM way too! Have a great week.

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