A Review of My Week {1/23/15}

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A Review of My Week (01/09/15)

To be honest, it has been a long week. As I shared in a previous post, my father-in-law went through cancer surgery to remove his bladder and prostate the first part of December and has been at home recovering. My mother-in-law had to go back to work this past Wednesday, so I’ve been doing a little extra to be available for him. I am so glad we are so close and that I am here to help, but it has made for a tiring week!

I was able to accomplish a few things in my Decluttering Challenge and hope to get a few more tasks done later today! It has been so nice to see some areas of my kitchen being decluttered and reorganized. There is just something about having your home in order that brings peace to your soul. Is that crazy or what?

Another exciting thing that happened this week was getting some essential oil samples in the mail from a dear reader! I have dabbled in essential oils over the past couple years, but haven’t really gotten serious about learning more. I am excited to try out some new oils and expand my knowledge on how to use them.

The Lord also brought an opportunity this week that is going to stretch me, but I am really excited about it! One my dear readers contacted me about mentoring her via Skype. I have never done anything like this before (and have never used Skype!), but after praying about it decided this was something the Lord wanted me to do. She lives in the Ukraine, so it will be fun to to make a new friend who lives in another whole part of the world. God is so amazing! We are going to be working through Sally Clarkson’s new book, Own Your Life, and I am really looking forward to digging into it with her.

Also, don’t forget about the amazing DIY Bundle that is on sale right now!  There are a ton of resources on crafts, home and garden, holidays, decorating your home, photography, scrapbooking and journaling, sewing, and writing PLUS ecourses too! This sale ends at midnight EST on Monday, January 26th, so check it out today!


How has your week gone? Has the Lord stretched you at all?

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  1. It sounds like God is doing great things! I think if you keep working at it, you'll get decluttered. I am constantly working on that area of my life and just with the few areas, 15 minutes a day, a lot has gotten accomplished! Praise God for those times. And thanks for your posts!
    1. Thank you Elizabeth! It is amazing how much you can get accomplished with a focused 15 minutes! I am praising God for these little goals being met :). You have a wonderful day!

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