How to Create a Keepsake Notebook

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I recently ran across this excellent resource for parents who want to raise Godly sons and daughters:  How to Create a Keepsake Notebook by Cindy Voss.   This ebook walks you through the steps of creating Keepsake Notebooks for your sons and daughters.  This is a notebook they will be working in over their years of growing up…a resource they will use the rest of their lives.

Cindy also sells some wonderful study guides for your sons and daughters to work through to put in their notebook.  For example, she has a study guide for the book, Mother, for your daughters to work through.  She has a study guide for Thoughts for Young Men for your sons to work through.  I have both of these books available as ebooks in our Book Shop too!  Buy the ebooks, then go to Cindy’s site to get the study guides for them!  They are excellent!

If you are looking for some direction in training your children in Godliness, then this might just be the materials you need to get you going.

Click here to check out this ebook and others that Cindy Voss has available on her site!

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