Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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I am up early getting the last of the baking done before we have our family Christmas this afternoon. Tomorrow we will spend half the day with my parents and half the day with my husband’s parents celebrating this most holy of holidays…Christmas. Can’t wait! I know I have been quiet here, but the past few weeks have been full of Christmas fun and making memories. We didn’t actually get done all I wanted to do because we all caught nasty colds that kept us down for about a week. I think we are finally getting over it all and look forward to celebrating Christmas WELL!

Want to know what we have been up to? Take a peek into your home the past few weeks….



It all started with Christmas tree decorating and a special dinner. Since I was a kid we planned a day to do the Christmas decorating and then we would fix a fun snacky dinner which usually includes summer sausage, sliced cheeses, fruit, smokies with biscuit dough wrapped around (see picture above), crackers, sparkling grape juice, and more.  We had a fun night!


My parents had the kids over one day to make these to surprise me.  I have been wanting some decorations for the front porch…now I do!  Aren’t they cute?


I tried my hand at making a Trim Healthy Mama version of Toffee.  I don’t have a recipe perfected yet, but I used some Lavash bread that I crisped up, then made a sugar/butter sauce to pour over the top, and then some skinny chocolate drizzled on top.  It turned out pretty good!



Every year we make Peppernuts — a family tradition. This is a recipe that my grandparents made for years when I was growing up.  They are a cake-like peppernut that you make, bake, and then dunk in a powdered sugar frosting. My parents came over to help us make them. Since then we ran low and had to make another batch (yesterday) to last us through Christmas.  They are SO good!



SNOW!!! We will have a white Christmas this year! This past weekend we got several inches of snow and ice. The kids had fun getting out and helping shovel the sidewalks and of course playing football in the snow! By the time everyone came in they were practically frozen and ready for some big mugs of hot chocolate!

This is my youngest — the very creative one :). He wanted to make an “armor of God” so he used packaging tape and taped pieces of cardboard together. He then drew and colored the crosses and I helped him write “God” on the breastplate, and then he copied God onto the shield. He was so proud of them. He then made his helmet out of a batting helmet. I used electrical tape to make a chin strap for him.


Of course we can’t get through Christmas without some pretty nails! My two daughters (age 20 and 7) did their nails in pretty red, with reindeer on their thumbnails. So cute!

I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into our Christmas activities. May each of you have a blessed Christmas with family and friends.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. I will be back posting again regularly after the first of the year!


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