A lesson learned on the way to get groceries

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You never know what God is going to use to teach a lesson. Last week we were driving down the interstate on our way to get groceries. As we got near our exit, I saw a patch of grass beside the road that had been burned. It has been so dry here in Kansas that it is not unusual to see burned places along the road where there has been a fire.


Well there was something about this patch of grass that jumped out at me — amidst all the black, burned grass, there were streaks of green where new grass was growing. Now the grass all around this burned area was ugly, yellow, dead grass. But there was new fresh green grass growing in the middle of this burned area.

Before I move on to the lesson I learned, I wanted to give my daughter, Sarah, credit for the picture above. We were driving way too fast to be able to take a picture of the grassy area beside the road, so my daughter came home that day and drew a picture for me to use for this post. She is so talented. Thank you Sarah for giving me a visual to share!

Back to the lesson God taught me…

Immediately after seeing the patch of grass, I saw a lesson that I could apply to my life.

So many times we pray for God to protect us, to make our lives easy. We don’t want anything bad to happen to us (no fire to come into our lives). But like the grassy area that burned, when hard times come into our lives, God rains down blessing on us and brings us through those hard times. Then after the fire has passed, new growth can happen.

Green grass grows where it had been burned, while the dead grass around the burned area remains dead.

We can pray against hard times coming into our lives, but without those difficult times we can’t grow.

I began to ask myself if my prayer life was where it should be.

Am I praying for my will or God’s will?

What if God’s will included suffering and hard times? Am I ok with that, knowing that through those times God will grow me?

It amazes me what God can teach us if we are just aware about what He has placed around us.

What has God placed in your path that He wants to use to teach you a lesson?

Be on the lookout! You never know when God has a lesson He wants you to learn!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sheri! Will you please tell Sarah I think her artwork is beautiful? ☺

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